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Alton Community Unit School District 11

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Early Childhood

Early Intervention 0-2years and PreK 3-5 years

Early Intervention 0-2years and PreK 3-5 years

ADA compliant

"The Place To Be Kind & Be Safe"

"The Place To Be Kind & Be Safe"

Establishing a strong foundation for lifelong learning in partnership with our families and community
 At the Early Childhood, we serve children who are 3-5 years old.  Our program is funded by the state of Illinois for children who are at risk and also funded by the federal government for children who have delays in one or more areas of development.  Some of our classrooms house only one group of children and some house both groups in one classroom depending upon the needs of the children. 
Early Childhood Screening
We screen children monthly.  Please call our Early Office for further information regarding scheduling a screening for your child at 

Contact Information

Early Childhood Contacts are located at Eunice Smith Elementary
 Principal: Cynthia Schuenke 
 Secretary: Amber Renfrow
School Psychologist: Tony Grippi
Family Educator: Jessica LeBrun


School Hours

Office Hours vary depending upon location
Please call for your child's school for times
               Alton High School:   618-474-2100
               Eunice Smith Elementary:  618-463-2077
               Gilson Brown Elementary:  618-463-2175
              Lewis & Clark Elementary:  618-463-2177