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Alton Community Unit School District 11

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Student Attendance and Mental Health Days



Public Act 102-321, the Excused Student Absence for Mental Health Reasons Act, went into effect January 1, 2022. This act allows students to have an excused absence due to the mental or behavioral health of the student. Students will be allowed up to five excused Mental Health Days per school year. These five days count toward the total excused absences already allowed per school year. After using two Mental Health Days, the student may be referred to the appropriate school support personnel. After the student uses five Mental Health Days, a doctor’s note will be required. Students are not allowed to call themselves in; a parent must call the school in order for the absence to be considered excused. In summary, Mental Health Days are simply excused absences in the same way as if a student were physically ill. Alton CUSD #11 recognizes the importance of mental health and wants to support our families. The following process has been implemented:


Day One:     Parent calls in student for Excused-Mental Health Day and an email will be sent with a list of resources to the parent.

Day Two:     An in-person meeting will be made with the student and a school social worker or school-based counselor. The parents may be contacted.

Day Three:  Meeting with social worker or counselor, parent contact will be made; a letter will be mailed home with community resources.

Day Four:    Meeting with social worker or counselor, parent contact will be made; a second letter will be mailed home with community 


Day Five:     Meeting with social worker or counselor. Parents will be notified that there are no remaining Mental Health Days. A doctor’s 

                     note must be provided after this day.

As a reminder, there are resources available to all students through our social workers, school-based counselors and other staff as well as the services available in our community if needed. If you would like to discuss your child’s mental health with a social worker or counselor at school, please contact your school office.