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K-2 Report Cards and Grading Rubrics

K-2 Report Cards and Grading Rubrics

K-2 Standards Based Grading

Our K-2 standards-based report card is designed to help you understand what your child is learning at school.  Standards based report cards provide parents with a “3, 2, 1” reporting system that monitors student academic progress during each quarter of the school year.  Our primary goal is to provide more precise, detailed, and transparent feedback about your child's learning. 


What are Standards-Based Report Cards?

Unlike traditional report cards that provide one overall grade for a subject, standards based report cards break down the subject into specific skills or standards, and students receive feedback on each one. This approach aims to communicate more clearly about what students know, what they can do, and where they might need additional support.


Why Standards-Based Report Cards?

  • Clear Communication: Standards-Based Report Cards offer a clearer understanding of the specific skills students have mastered and the areas they need to improve.  In addition to academic standards, our standards based report cards also include feedback on work habits, collaboration skills, and other essential life skills such as speaking and listening.

  • Consistency: Every student is evaluated against consistent grade-level standards using a rubric.  This also helps provide clarity to end of the year goals.

  • Focused Learning: By highlighting specific areas of strength and growth, teachers can provide specific feedback on your child’s learning.  This also helps to create learning goals for individual students.

How Can Families Use Standards-Based Report Cards?

  • Focused Support: By knowing precisely where your child excels or struggles, you can provide targeted support at home.

  • Meaningful Conversations: Use the report card as a tool to have in-depth discussions with your child about their learning journey.

  • Engagement with Teachers: Standards Based Report Cards can foster a more constructive parent-teacher dialogue focused on student growth and strategies for success.

The report cards and rubrics for each grade level are on the tabs above.  Thank you for your continued support of your child's academic success.  If you have additional questions, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. 


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