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Alton Community Unit School District 11

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dave fritz

David Fritz - President
I am a lifelong resident of the Alton/Godfrey area. I was raised in Upper Alton and attended Alton Schools, including Horace Mann, Dunbar, Lowell, and East Jr. High. I graduated from Alton Sr. High School.
After graduating from Illinois State University with a B.S. Degree in Finance, I returned home to work at Alton Banking & Trust Company, better known as the Wedge Bank. I worked as a Teller and Facility Manger and eventually became a Vice President and Assistant Cashier of the Accounting Department. After Wedge Bank was sold to Mercantile Bank, I continued to work in Mercantile's Accounting and Comptroller’s Departments.
In 1998, I left Mercantile Bank to continue my career with Piasa Motor Fuels, LLC in Hartford, IL, where I remain today.
On the home front, I am happily married to Paula (a teacher at Eunice Smith School) and together we have two wonderful children, our daughter, Taylor, and our son, Matt. Taylor graduated from AHS in 2012 and graduated Summa Cum Laude from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, IL in 2016 with her B.S. Degree in American Sign Language Interpreting.  She and her husband, Jordan reside in Godfrey with their daughter. Matt graduated from AHS in 2016 and attended Illinois State University, graduating in 2021 with B.S. Degrees in Accounting and Finance. 
ed gray
Edmond J. Gray - Vice President
Born and raised in Collinsville, Illinois.  I received a Bachelors Degree in Music Education from SIU-E, a Masters in Education Administration from the University of Illinois and a Specialist in Education Administration from SIU-E.
I retired from Alton School District on June 30th, 2001 after 34 years of service. During this time I was a music teacher, Jr High School Assistant Principal and a central office administrator where I was the supervisor for the maintenance and custodial staff, warehouse operations, transportation services, construction projects and the music program.
I am on the Board of Directors for many community service organizations. These include the Elijah P. Lovejoy Memorial, Pride Inc., Alton Band and Orchestra Builders and Alton City Cemetery. I have been a member of the School Board in Alton since 2005.
Vivian Monckton - Secretary
I have lived in Alton since 1987, moving here from Lawrence, Kansas. I am a graduate of the University of Kansas, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. I am the proud mother of two children, both graduates of Alton High School. My daughter is a pharmacist and she and her husband live in the area. My son is an engineer and he and his wife live in Texas. Both of my children received an excellent education at Alton High and I want the same opportunity for current students and students in the future.
I sell residential and commercial real estate in the area. I see a strong tie between a community and the school system. A strong school district elevates a community and community support strengthens the school district. The two are linked together and one can’t be strong without the other. I love Alton/Godfrey. I love the history, the scenic beauty, the “can do” spirit among the citizens.
I have always been a firm believer in public education. I was raised in public schools, as were my children. Public education is a cornerstone of a democratic society – an opportunity for all. We must continue to balance the needs of top performing students along with those that need extra help. We need to provide a variety of strong fine arts and extra-curricular programs because education is not limited to that which comes from a classroom or a textbook. Those programs are essential to bind us to the community at large, enriching not only our students but our citizens.
I serve on the school board because I enjoy giving to others. My grandparents displayed a work ethic which I choose to emulate. Giving to others is reflex. The more I give, the more I receive in return. Service on the school board seems to be the most significant gift I feel I can give to the community. Alton/Godfrey is blessed with a generous base of talent – I am only one of many who give much.  
Dustin C.
Dustin Christner- Member
I have lived in the Alton area for sixteen years. I have two Associate level degrees. I have a bachelors degree from Missouri Baptist University.
I previously worked at a church in Missouri with elementary and middle school aged youth with the Royal Rangers program. I was in charge of a local Explorer program until 2017 and worked in the juvenile division. I have served as a deacon for one-term at Calvary Baptist Church and am beginning to help with the middle school aged youth at the church also.
I have been married for over twenty years and have three children who have graduated from or are finishing out their years at Alton High School.
daivd lauschke
David Lauschke - Member
David is a lifelong resident of the area. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a BA and a MS in Finance. He has been actively involved in local real estate since 1980. He has been involved in appraising, brokerage and most recently in building homes.  
David is the father of 3 children and his wife works as a teacher in the Alton School District. His eldest son graduated from Alton High School and is currently in the financial industry and residing in Chicago. His twin daughters attend the University of Illinois.  
David resides in the Godfrey area.  He is actively involved in the community, volunteering considerable time to worthwhile causes.  He has served on the ACUSD#11 School Board for over 20 years.
Barry Macias - Member
Barry Macias was appointed to the Board in May of 2009.  Barry has a passion for improving all aspects of the Alton School District, through excellent teaching and an concentrated focus on improving the extracurricular programs in the District, both athletics and music.   He feels by creating an environment where students can reach their full potential, and have an enjoyable experience learning about teamwork and leadership, he is representing the taxpayers of the community that elected him to office. 
As a local business owner, he feels that by building a strong reputation for excellence, you create an environment of success that attracts new families to the community. 
Barry and his wife are both graduates of Alton High School.  They have three children, Sofia, Arie and Alex, all whom have had great experiences in public education.  Barry has worked in the insurance industry for twenty-five years, the last fifteen as a self-employed insurance agent in the Alton community. 
Christina M.
Christina M. Milien- Member
I am a 2000 graduate of Alton High School.  I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, a master's degree from St. Louis University and a juris doctorate from St. Louis University School of Law. Currently, I am a senior associate attorney with Mandarich Law Group.
"I am excited to serve on the school board because I received a quality education from the District.  I hope my experience and background will support my service on the Board and continuing the District's tradition of excellence."
I have two students in the Alton School District and I am the daughter of Cathy M. Williams and the late Roy Williams.  Besides being an active parent in the District, I spend time serving my church, Shalom Church (City of Peace). 


Finance Committee

Policy Committee

Round Table/Negotiations

IASB Governance

David Lauschke- Chair
Ed Gray
Vivian Monckton-Chair 
Dustin Christner
Christina M. Milien
Round Table
David Fritz
David Lauschke
Barry Macias
TBD, Delegate
TBD, Alternate


Exhibit - Website Listing of Development and Training Completed by Board Members

Each Illinois school board member who is elected or appointed to fill a vacancy of at least one year’s duration must complete State-mandated professional development leadership training (PDLT) and Open Meetings Act (OMA) training. State-mandated training is also required for board members who want to vote upon a dismissal based upon the Performance Evaluation Reform Act. For additional information, see Board policy 2:120, Board Member Development.
The following table contains State-mandated training requirements and other professional development activities that were completed by each Board member. When the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) provided the training, the acronym “IASB” follows the listed activity.
Dustin Christner    PERA-Performance Evaluation Reform Act-Robbins/Schwartz         5/15/21
                                PDLT-Professional Development Leadership Training-Robbins/Schwartz   5/15/21
                                OMA- Open Meeting Act-Robbins/Schwartz                                       5/15/21
                                Economic Interest Statement                                                              5/23/21
David Fritz             OMA- Open Meetings Act- Attorney General                                       5/29/15
                                PERA- Performance Evaluation Reform Act- IASB                             5/29/15
                                PDLT- Professional Development Leadership Training- IASB             5/29/15
                                The Basics of Governance- IASB                                                        5/30/15
                                Bullying Prevention Training                                                                6/26/15
                                Holding the Gavel: Tips for Board President Training                          8/13/19
                                The Culturally Responsible Board Member                                         9/17/19
                                Southwest Division Meeting                                                                10/1/19
                                School Board Member Training- IASB                                          11/17 & 11/19          
                                Statement of Economic Interest- County Clerk's Office                       4/21/21
Edmond Gray         OMA- Open Meetings Act- IASB                                                        11/19/11
                                 PDLT- Professional Development Leadership Training- IASB            5/8/13
                                 PERA- Performance Evaluation Reform Act- IASB                            7/21/13
                                 Basic Governing for School Board Members                                      5/8/15
                                 School Board Member Training- IASB                                         11/17 & 11/19
                                 Southwestern Division Meeting- IASB                                                10/1/19
                                 Statement of Economic Interest- County Clerk’s Office                       4/29/21
                                 Division Dinner- IASB                                                                         10/5/21
David Lauschke      OMA- Open Meetings Act- Attorney General                                   12/16/02
                                  PDLT- Professional Development Leadership Training- IASB            9/9/14
                                  PERA- Performance Evaluation Reform Act- IASB                            9/9/14
                                  Southwestern Division Meeting- IASB                                              10/1/19
                                  Statement of Economic Interest- County Clerk’s Office                    3/16/21
Barry Macias            OMA- Open Meetings Act- Attorney General                                   4/18/13
                                   PDLT- Professional Development Leadership Training- IASB         5/19/14
                                   PERA- Performance Evaluation Reform Act- IASB                         5/19/14
                                   Southwestern Division Meeting- IASB                                             3/29/17
                                   School Board Member Training- IASB                                        11/17 & 11/19
                                   Statement of Economic Interest- County Clerk’s Office                   4/21/21
Christina M. Milien   OMA- Open Meetings Act                                                                 9/10/21
                                   PDLT- Professional Development Leadership Training-IASB          10/3/21
                                   PERA- Performance Evaluation Reform Act- IASB                         10/3/21
                                   Basics of Governance                                                                      10/3/21
Vivian Monckton      Open Meetings Act- Attorney General                                             12/26/12
                                   PDLT- Professional Development Leadership Training- IASB         11/17/13
                                   PERA- Performance Evaluation Reform Act- IASB                          11/17/13
                                   School Board Member Training- IASB                                         11/17 & 11/19
                                   Southwestern Division Meeting- IASB                                               10/1/19
                                   Statement of Economic Interest- County Clerk’s Office                     3/22/21
IASB is a voluntary organization of local boards of education dedicated to strengthening the Illinois public schools through local citizen control. Although not a part of State government, IASB is organized by member school boards as a private not-for-profit corporation under authority granted by Article 23 of the School Code. The vision of IASB is excellence in local school board governance supporting quality public education.  June 2021